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Getting daily Boxcar 2 notifications for Deluge downloads

Posted by Jean-Michel GARCIA 15 October 2014 0 Comment
Boxcar2 notification - downloads active

Context : I have a headless Ubuntu HTPC with Sickrage, Couchpotato, Deluge, and XBMC (now called Kodi) installed Use case : I wanted to know all my current torrents status without having to daily connect to my remote Deluge Solution : Python script that uses deluge-console to extract information from Deluge and send a Boxcar2 notification. From my iPhone, I’ve being using Boxcar2 as a replacement to the paid and well know Prowl.  [ Read More ]

Video tearing fix for Gigabyte BRIX @ Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Posted by Jean-Michel GARCIA 5 May 2014 0 Comment
Video tearing example

Feedback after the update from Ubuntu 13.10 to 14.04 LTS  – Video tearing problems The installer completed the update without any noticeable problems. After the computer rebooted, my auto lightdm login settings brought me directly (as usual) to my XBMC welcome home screen. However, I noticed that my HDMI video output was sluggish, with a lot of video tearing ( After a lot of research, I discovered that a bug with libsdl was  [ Read More ]

No central speaker audio on XBMC 13.0-ALPHA11 and Ubuntu Saucy

Posted by Jean-Michel GARCIA 28 January 2014 0 Comment
Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander

In the last few days, I’ve decided to update my HTPC ubuntu to Saucy (13.10). In the same time, I added the XBMC nightly repository ( in order to provide some feedback to the XBMC community. However, in the last days, maybe after a reboot, I’ve lost the audio from my central speaker (in my 5.1 audio system). It was very weird, because I had all ambiant sounds but no  [ Read More ]

Gigabyte BRIX as an HTPC

Posted by Jean-Michel GARCIA 30 June 2013 39 Comments
Gigabyte BRIX

Hello folks, this post is about the Gigabyte BRIX (model GB-XM12-3227 rev 1.0) barebone computer. I bought this mini PC in order to transform it into an HTPC computer. I’ve managed to install Ubuntu with XBMC on it, so I will detail here the steps in case it may help some people out there. Hardware Here’s my hardware setup : mSATA disk : Crucial SSD M4 CT128M4SSD3 128 GB 8  [ Read More ]

List of some useful Eclipse plugins

Posted by Jean-Michel GARCIA 13 June 2013 0 Comment

When using IntelliJ IDEA is not an option… This is a list of some useful Eclipse plugins that I tend to use when I’m working in a JavaEE environment.  Eclipse Fullscreen : Allows Eclipse to run on a fullscreen mode toggled by the Ctrl+Z shortcut. Eclipse GrepConsole  : Applies styles to the Console output (regex based). Come with a defined set of style based on (WARN, INFO, FATAL). Atlassian  [ Read More ]

Creating thumbnail images in PHP

Posted by Jean-Michel GARCIA 22 May 2013 0 Comment

Wasn’t easy to find a working solution, so I’m posting here as a reminder. This is a PHP function to generate images thumbnails that handles: png, jpg, gif and also transparency I’m not the author of this function, I’ve just mixed two solutions together, and fixed some small issues. <?php   function createThumb($src, $dest, $desired_width = false, $desired_height = false) {   /* If no dimenstion for thumbnail given, return false  [ Read More ]

Talend Open Studio in fullscreen

Posted by Jean-Michel GARCIA 1 March 2013 0 Comment

I’ve being used Talend Open Studio for a while now. Whereas this program is just a fantastic ETL program, it lacks of fullscreen support (just as Eclipse does). I’ve just found this simple yet powerful plugin callend Eclipse fullscreen that also work for RCP based applications. How to install Download the plugin here Simple extract the .jar file to the Talend directory plugin folder (mine is : C:\Program Files\Talend 5.2.1\TOS_DI-Win32-r95165-V5.2.1\plugins) How  [ Read More ]

Using java keyword when declaring an enumeration

Posted by Jean-Michel GARCIA 30 July 2012 0 Comment

Once, I had this particular case where I needed to have an enumeration with the double java keyword. I also wanted that a call on this enumeration would return me the “double” String. If you try to type this : public enum Style { dotted, dashed, solid, double, groove, ridge, inset, outset; } You will get an error from the compiler saying that you cannot use the double keyword. Here  [ Read More ]

A very nice CSS3 Selector

Posted by Jean-Michel GARCIA 30 July 2012 0 Comment

This is a tiny small article (more like a reminder) to show you a great CSS3 selector Match every p element inside any container that have a particular attribute : Here is a small example. I want my rule to match the p element inside the div with customAttribute=”1″ Content in a “p” block inside the div Content in a “p” block outside the div Content in a “p” block  [ Read More ]

Liferay logo

For a research project, I was once able to embed a GWT application using the SmartGWT framework in a Java Portlet. So, as I had faced some issues and problems, I’ve decided to post a small tutorial with guidelines to help people trying to achieve the same thing. Little precisions: The portlet was following the JSR 268 GWT version 2.3 SmartGWT version 2.5 Firefox was the only browser I was  [ Read More ]